Diana Ali García Capdevilla



Studies carried out: ​Public Accounting - Universidad de la Amazonia. Specialization in Public Management – Escuela Superior de Administración Pública ESAP. ​Specialization in Tax Management – Universidad de la Amazonia. ​​​Maestría in Mercadeo - Universidad Externado de Colombia. ​​​Doctor in Education and Environmental Culture - University of the Amazon. What are you currently working at: teacher
Educational and/or professional experiences in relation to the Market: I have performed in the academic and administrative areas, working permanently in the formulation, execution and follow-up of extension projects and social projection, with managerial capacity in several sectors (public - private) . I also worked actively as a teacher, time in which I acquired pedagogical, didactic and investigative skills applied to education. Until now, as a professional, I have had experiences directly related to the Market.



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